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The mountains are where I recharge my mental, emotional, and spiritual batteries.  These images are a collection from some of my most rewarding and challenging trips into the high places of our planet.


When the weather turns grey and the rain begins to fall in the mountains, myself and many other climbers seek out new adventures in America's vast and stunning deserts.  Uniquely beautiful, each of these seldom explored expanses offer their own surprises and stunning natural monuments to nature.


From a young age, the ocean has always captivated me.  Cultures around the world draw strength and purification from the ocean.  These images are a small sample of the thousands of frames captured from pilgrimages to the coast.


Capturing the magic of the human spirit in all its forms, these images are a small sample of those captured during expeditions.  They reflect human encounters of all forms and demonstrate the spirit of humanity in harmony with the world around us.

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